Webinar: Effective Communication Strategies for Strengthening Patient-Clinician Relationships


Effective Communication Strategies for Strengthening Patient-Clinician Relationships

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CCI is hosting an opportunity that consists of a webinar to learn and apply techniques to discover and identify patient vulnerabilities and resilience through eliciting patient narratives and developing shared care plans.


Who Should Attend: Clinicians who have paneled patients and can attend both the workshop and the webinar. The workshop will build on content discussed in webinar. Organizations and partners from the CP3 Program will be prioritized, but this event is open to all.

Learning Objectives for the Webinar and Workshop:

  1. To rediscover joy in practice by utilizing techniques to promote relationship-centered care in care of vulnerable and underserved populations
  2. Demonstrate the importance of eliciting your patient’s narrative, assessing for vulnerabilities and identifying points of resilience to help develop therapeutic alliances with patients and help manage their health
  3. Identify and share effective strategies for helping clinicians avoid burn out and foster humility and joy
  4. Understand the benefits of developing therapeutic alliances with your patients, and address some of the associated challenges
  5. Learn and practice eliciting the patient’s narrative while at the same time attending to their medical concerns
  6. Identify and ask open-ended questions about common vulnerabilities and resilience points in your patients
  7. Practice reflective and active listening through role play
  8. Communicate the linkages between social determinants health outcomes to your patients
  9. Identify and problem-solve with your clinician peers around challenges to and benefits of developing strong therapeutic relationships with vulnerable patients